Top 5 Fabulous Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Top 5 fabulous health benefits of dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is a delicious, juicy and exotic fruit that is usually considered as a tropical “superfood” thanks to its incredible wealth of health benefits and its “under the radar” quality that enables it to be less well known than other mainstream fruits and other healthy foods as well. It is originated from Mexico, Central America, and South America however New World settlers seems to choose Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Philippines to be its origination since those countries still remain a significant part of the dietary fruit consumption.

There are two types of dragon fruit, sweet or sour relying on the species, the size and shapes may vary. In terms of the most popular type of dragon fruit, it is a red with oval shaped and it is somewhat smaller than a cantaloupe. And it is veiled in broad spiky growths. When it is cut open, you can see the texture looks like kiwi whereas the meat is full of small black seeds that should be chewed to be digested. The meat could be strained into wine or many other beverages and the leaves can be steeped for a healthy tea. The rough outer skin should not be consumed as it contains very little nutritional value.

The vitamins, minerals and the antioxidants that the dragon fruit can offer your body , is extremely helpful when it comes to lower cholesterol, promote immune system, stop cancer, heart attacks as well as boost weight loss. Moreover, those health benefits from dragon fruit can help you to improve your digestion, boost energy, and protect you from bacteria, fungi and enhance you overall functioning of the body’s system.


Dragon fruit is packed with other benefits such as vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin B3. Those vitamin belongs to the B vitamin group which can benefit many parts of our body such as skin health, cholesterol levels, carbohydrate metabolism, thyroid function and blood pressurre. Evem a single serve of dragon fruit may obtain a significant quantity of beneficial vitamins.


One of the most important and beneficial perspective of dragon fruit is its incredible ability to offer you a significant promotion to your body’s immune system. The high amount of vitamin C found in dragon fruit is one of the most powerful assets to our body’s immunity. Moreover, vitamin C found in dragon fruit can regulate the action of other antioxidants in the body. It can actively find out and exterminate free radicals which are toxic byproducts of cell metabolism (it is proved that these byproducts are connected to potentially fatal condition such as heart disease and cancer).  


Besides the antioxidant protections of vitamin C to promote the immunity, dragon fruits obtains other sources of natural antioxidants. Carotene is one of them and it has been connected to plenty anti – carcinogenic qualities in order to decrease the size of tumors. Dragon fruits can promote your immune system from every single directs therefore if you feel sick on a regular basis, try to increase the intake of dragon fruit, it is highly beneficial for you.


Dragon fruit is an exotic fruit that can provide you plenty unique properties, such as no cholesterol, no bad cholesterol – producing fats. By decreasing the cholesterol’s level in the blood, the likelihood of catching plaque in the arteries, atherosclerosis, strokes and heart attacks will be significantly reduced. By adopting dragon fruit as a wealthy source of various nutrients, you are not negatively influencing your body in either way, therefore, the fruit is well known as a superfood. The small black seeds of dragon fruit consists of some positive type of fat, which might cause HDL cholesterol (a positive cholesterol). HDL cholesterol can reduce the level of LDL cholesterol by blocking the receptors which it lies on the walls of arteries.


Apart from the immunity enhancements, dragon fruit can help you to keep you frequent. Dragon fruits possesses significantly high amount of fiber content that means they can aid in bulking up the bowel movements, regulating peristaltic motion, facilitating smooth passage via the digestive tracts as well as causing a release of digestive juices. By stimulating bowel movements with fiber content, you might decrease your chances of conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, constipation as well as a number of serious diseases such as colorectal cancer.