How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Break-ups

1. Aquarius– People born under this sign are extrememly diffident in a relationship. They love their partner but at the same time they also want to keep a window open if in any case things go wrong between them. They are the ones who say the cruelest goodbyes.

2. Taurus– They have a hard time getting over a break-up. They are obstinate species who cling to one person and just prefer to remain lovelorn even months after their breakup.

3. Pisces– These ‘daydreamers’ are emotionally sick people who may behave diabolically after going through a break-up. The world seems like endless ocean to them once they have separated from their love.

4. Gemini– They are most liberal minded when it comes to relationships. They do not fully indulge themselves with someone and think break-ups as a part and parcel of their lives.

5. Aries– Aries are extremists by nature. They’ll either become an obsessive lover or a total brute after break-up.

6. Scorpio– Just like Aries, Scorpians are extremists in nature whose dictionary do not contain any word like break-up or split. Their love is true, passionate but scary at the same time.

7. Cancer– Cancerians have this tendency to emotionally ruin themselves after a break-up. They cannot digest betrayel from their partner.

8. Virgo– They have a more practical appoach towards a relationship falling apart and get to move on promptly.

9. Leo– They are too dominating in a relationship and keep on cursing their ex even if they themselves are responsible for the break-up. They never budge down, no matter how much they love someone.

10. Libra– They have a very balanced approach towards life. They try to busy themselves in their work so as to get over their break-up.

11. Capricorn– They are very loyal to their partners and will try everything possible to save their relationship. They will keep on trying to woo their ex back even if they give a blind eye to their efforts.

12. Sagittatius– They are the cheaters in the Zodiac cycle. If their partner fails to keep up with their demands, they don’t think twice to call it splits.

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