Home Remedies for Panic Attack You Should Know

A panic attack is an anxiety disorder when people suddenly suffer from extremely anxiety or fear even though without any threats. Although the panic attacks last only in few minutes, they cause lots of trouble with the suffers, especially in important events when the people unforeseeably fall in intense fear status.

Panic attacks have not only the psychological symptoms but also the physical symptoms, such as chest pain, hard breathing, tachycardia, sweating, tremor, flush face, and nausea.

In this article, we recommend seven home remedies that can help you cope with the panic attacks.

A, Doing the relaxation therapy

The relaxation therapy is actually very simple but it is also really effective to stop the panic attack. The relaxation therapy contains 5-10 minutes of slow, deep breathing which combines with muscles relaxation.

1, When you are having a panic attack or you think it will come in next few seconds, you can sit or lie down in a comfortable place which can help both the breathing and muscle relaxation.

2, Breath slow and deep through the nose until your chest and the abdominal become fully. Keep the air inside your lungs in 2-3 seconds before exhale slowly through your mouth or your nose.

3, When you are doing this breathing exercise, you should free your mind from the stress or you can imagine to a landmark or anything which makes you feel happy. You also need to relax all the muscles except diaphragm muscle and belly muscles.

4, Repeat this method until you get a better feeling.

B, Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is a well-known natural remedy to reduce stress and bring the balance to the mind. Chamomile tea also has the ability to improve insomnia which is a risk factor for the panic attacks. Moreover, this home remedy is very simple, you can buy some chamomile tea bags in the supermarket, and drink it twice times per day in the morning and before going to bed.



C, Change your mind

Stress and anxiety disorders can be caused by overthinking, which also can not help you solve the problem. A panic attack may have a start from it then you become scared and stress goes full in your mind, finally, the vicious circle from stress panic attacks and stress occurs. Your feeling is affected by the way you think so a beautiful or happy mind is able to reduce effectively your anxiety. Next time, you suffer from a panic attack, please close your eyes then think to a cheerful, funny things which will pull you out of this trouble.

D, Green Tea

Green tea not only prevents the aging process but also is really helpful in managing the panic attacks. Green tea has two substance called: L-theanine and catechins which can reduce the level of corticosterone in blood, a factor causing stress and anxiety. Moreover, green tea can help you focus better in working as coffee but it is healthier because of no caffeine component. You should drink green tea three times per day to have the best result.

E, Exercise Daily

Exercise daily can bring many benefits to your health and prevent the panic attack is one of these. Exercise daily actually helps your body decrease the level of stress hormones such as corticosterone. You only need to spend few minutes per day to push the panic attack out of your life. It will be the better result if you do some outdoor activities when you can leave your room and enjoy the life outside. See how to use home remedies for shoulder pain here.

F, Ginseng

Ginseng is a traditionally precious remedy that has been used for thousands of years ago in Chinese. One of the best benefits of ginseng is calming the mind and reduce anxiety so it is used widely to treat insomnia. With the panic attack, ginseng has shown the great impact to decrease the symptoms of this anxiety disorder.

1, Cut few slices of ginseng and put them in a cup.

2, Pour boiling water into the cup and leave the ginseng slices in minutes then strain them before drink it.

3, Enjoy the ginseng before going to bed to get the desired result.

Note: Don’t use this home remedy when you are feeling cold or having high blood pressure.


G, Eating the balanced diet and restrict the consumption of alcohol

Eating balanced diet is the key to having a good health, it keeps your body in the good state. A balanced diet is a diet which provides an enough amount of calories to the body and less in sugar and fat. Moreover, to make your meal become an ideal diet, you should add various kinds of vitamins in. Another thing is giving up alcohol and caffeine when you have panic attacks. You may think alcohol can suppress the stress and anxiety but actually not,  alcohol and caffeine put the neurologic system in stress status so they will make the condition get worse. If you feel hard to limit the alcohol and caffeine consumption, you should contact a consultant to have the proper therapy.

article by: Xubi