Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

We all know sugar is bad for your health. It is teeth’s worst enemy and affects the liver and cholesterol level. Sugar contains no essential nutrients. It can cause blood glucose to spike and plummet.Unstable blood sugar often leads to mood swings, fatigue, headaches and cravings. Nice video from BRIGHT SIDE

All of the Signs You Aren’t Drinking Enough Water Daily

Water is essential for maintaining healthy and balanced body. Water helps detoxing, regulates blood pressure, refreshes muscles and increase energy and have many other uses and effects on human body. Not drinking enough water will surely lead to serious health problems. Some common health problems are directly effected by lack of drinking water and many […]

Cough Home Remedies – Fast Relief

Just like sneezing, coughing can happen any time. A cough can be either dry or productive, which means accompanied by mucus. Basically, it is a mechanism to clear your throat and airways. However, persistent coughing can cause headache, exhaustion and sleeplessness. If accompanied by an itchy throat and congestion, it can play havoc with your […]

DIY Home Remedies To Heal Wounds Faster

Best home remedies for faster healing wounds or scratches from fall or burn. Aloe Vera creates a layer on the skin protecting it from outside infections or smaller hits. Aloe cream can be very useful in the summer cos it protects from infections from the water. Also remember you need high amount of vitamin C […]

3 Healthy and Delicious Iced Tea Recipes

Classic Iced Tea… 6 black tea bags  8 cups hot water 1 lemon, zested and sliced ¼ honey (optional) 1 cup hot water (optional) ice Using a vegetable peeler, peel the zest of one lemon being careful not to get the white rind which is quite bitter. Add the lemon zest and tea bags […]

How To Make Milk Kefir

Kefir or kephir, alternatively milk kefir, or búlgaros, is a fermented milk drink that originated in the north Caucasus Mountains made with kefir “grains”, a yeast/bacterial fermentation starter. It is believed to have have amazing probiotic and health benefits. Nutritional composition Kefir products contain nutrients in varying amounts from negligible to significant, including dietary minerals, vitamins, essential amino […]