Ancient Egyptian Beauty Recipes

Centuries have passed since the falling of this mighty civilization, yet the Cleopatra makeup ideas is still regarded as one of the most sensual and empowering looks of all times. In our times, it’s influences can be seen throughout fashion shows and fantasy makeup looks.

Cleopatra makeup ideas – facts and characteristics

The ancient Egyptians believed makeup had all sorts of benefits, from medical, to cosmetic and even religious. In ancient times, makeup was regarded as a mass culture, as Egyptians were thought from a young age, regardless of sex or class, to wear makeup.Cleopatra motivated her excessive interest in makeup and beauty in general, thus detaching herself from the patriarchal society Egypt was prior to her ruling.

Cleopatra make up ideas

-Cat eye or Cleopatra eye-you know just how striking they look. Dark, sensual, smoky and even a bit reverential in its connection to ancient Egypt, they are the eyes of a temptress – or just a woman who wants to make a strong statement.

-The Exaggerated Eye-thick, heavy, dark liner extending from the eyelids up toward the ears.

Cleopatra’s heavy eye make-up was not just for looks – it also protected her from diseases, according to new research

Researchers now believe that Egyptians applied the eyeliner 4,000 years ago in order to ward off infections.

Lead salts in the make-up helped to protect against eye disease, the French study claims.

But the researchers at the Louvre museum in Paris believe it was originally for medical reasons as much as aesthetics.

Their study, published in the journal Analytical Chemistry, suggests it helped to protect against eye disease.

The key appears to be lead salts contained in the make-up.

At very low levels, salts produce nitric oxide, which boosts the immune system to fight off bacteria which can cause eye infection.

The make-up used by the ancient Egyptians to darken and enhance the eyes sometimes took up to a month to concoct.

In theory, because it contained lead it might actually have posed a risk to health.

But an analysis by scientists led by Philippe Walter showed that at low doses it had a protective effect.

He said: “We knew ancients Greeks and Romans too had noted the make-up had medicinal properties, but wanted to determine exactly how.”

The researchers used a tiny electrode, a 10th of the thickness of a human hair, to look at the effect of lead chloride salt synthesised by the Egyptians –laurionite – on a single cell.

“In stimulating non-specific immunological defences, one may argue that these lead compounds were deliberately manufactured and used in ancient Egyptian formulations to prevent and treat eye illnesses by promoting the action of immune cells,” they said.

It is also thought that Galena, the natural mineral form of lead sulphite, was used as eye make up known as kohl and possesses antiseptic and fly-deterrent properties as well as protecting the eyes from intense sun.

Cleopatra makeup ideas are popular but she is also known for her beautiful skin. This great woman left a truly valuable secrets for the future generations. Here are some of them:

The famous milk bath– to make a Cleopatra milk bath dissolve a small cup of honey in one liter warm milk, but not to hot or boiled milk. Pour the mixture into the bath. Bath temperature should be at body temperature.

Mask of Cleopatra– milk and honey. Mix warm milk and honey in equal doses. Put the mask on your face foe half an hour and then rinse with warm water. The mask is good because it is suitable for almost any skin type.

Clay mask– it`s composition- clay, honey, sour cream and lemon juice in equal parts. this mask clean and whitens the skin. Apply it for 20 minutes, wash first with warm and then cold water.