4 Amesome Ideas using plastic bottles

This video shows 4 awesome ideas to reuse and recycle old water bottles. Learn to make amazing and useful gadgets with the water bottles.

1st: Mobile Holder
Quickly make a wall hanging platform to keep mobile phone while charging when there is nothing around to place the phone using just a water bottle and knife.

2nd: Vacuum Cleaner
Learn to make a small vacuum cleaner with a water bottle that can be very well used to pick small screws and other items from the carpet.

Materials Required:
A small Water bottle
A big water bottle
Araldite Adhesive
DC motor
Power supply for motor

3rd: Spoon
Use a bottle to carve few spoons from the bottom.

4th: Self Watering Plant
Make a self watering plant container using a water bottle. Fill the chamber with water and forget about watering the plants daily.